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Local literature Friday with schubert’s profound fantasy for four hand piano in f minor–One of those pieces that can change your life.Sunday).All concerts take place at alaska pacific university’s grant hall.On saturday in wilda marston theatre at loussac library.The paperback edition of”The snow child”Remained at the top of the pacific etrio Bracelets northwest independent booksellers list this month.Saturday at great northern guns, 4433 wright street off tudor road.Tuesday, once again in the marston theatre. Back on the market etrio Bangles The pulitzer prize-Winningclassic”A raisin in the sun”Ends with an aspiring african-American family facing stupendous odds in their quest to buy a house in an all-White chicago neighborhood.The tony award-Winning”Clybourne park”Takes us back to that time, 1959, and supplies the back story for that same house.During intermission the set is transformed into the same place updated to 2009 and new owners.Sundays through march 10.The show, directed by mark robokoff, is notable for impressive performances, especially from etrio jamie nelson and tiffany allen.Be spirits Private views of nature are on public display at alaska pacific university this month.Ward hulbert’s photo show”Shallow pools where spirits dwell”Focuses on the ephemeral colors found in the ice and trapped air of a small frozen lake.Sara tabbert’s”The forest”Features images of trees that she calls”Portraits of specific individuals.Drawing a tree is close to drawing a person. “Both shows remain on display through feb.24.