Louis Vuitton Men Bags tunda confirms hafiz saeed

Four more days to throw away that Louisvuitton plastic bag “A notification was issued on october 23 that gave traders involved in the production and sale of plastic bags a month’s time to dismantle their manufacturing facilities.Nobody, including shopkeepers, vendors, wholesalers, retailers and hawkers, will be allowed to sell, store or use plastic carry bags.Challaning will start from friday but at the same time, we will intensify our awareness programmes,”Said an official. The ban does not cover plastic carry bags used for the disposal of biomedical waste or those used in prepackaged items such as milk or flour. “This is the only thing that was left to be done and we are happy that the government has taken such a decision.Implementation will be an uphill task but states have managed to implement it.Plastic bags have become an environmental hazard,”Said satish sinha, of toxics link. Officials say plastic is a health hazard for animals. Louis Vuitton Bags UK “Waste in plastic bags is a major cause of the death of stray animals such as cows, as they eat the plastic along with the food in bags.We raised this issue in court,”Said a delhi government official.Manufacturers claim that since the matter is sub judice, the government cannot implement the ban. “The matter is in court.The government can’t notify it.The use of plastic is not harmful if it is recycled properly and not littered.It is the most economical and easytouse material available,”Said op ratra, who was a member of the national plastic waste management task force of the ministry of environment and forests(199697). Traders asked the government to reconsider the ban. “Without an alternative plan, the government is imposing a blanket ban.Paper is costly and is not durable,”Said sunil kumar gupta, a trader from kamla nagar market. Neelam pandey plastic bags delhi government blanket ban Abdul karim Louis Vuitton Men Bags tunda confirms hafiz saeed planned jihad in europearrested terrorist abdul karim tunda has confirmed that lashkaretaiba was a global terrorist group and its chief hafiz saeed was responsible for transferring funds and operating bank accounts in belgium for jihad in europe.Shishir gupta reports. Cbi to confront ib exofficer in ishrat case again delhi police seek 10 days’ custody of tunda delhi’s shame:Crippled again by rain, metro ec to bring manifestos under model code of conduct