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Easy name change canada It’s not always easy for know what your legal options are for your new name after you are married.It is difficult to find information for married name change on the internet and then there can be conflicting information on the options.Easy name change is a new company specializing in marriage name change and has summarized your five new married name options. 1.Swap your surname with Bridesmaid Dresses your spouse’s surname it may come as a surprise to many people that around 85% of women still chose to take their husband’s name with the majority dropping their maiden name altogether. 2.Take a double barreled surname in bc, the vital statistics office requests that you register a double barreled surname via an official change of name.However you will find most companies, including the passport office, will be happy to change your documentation over using just your marriage certificate.Most companies will let you space or hyphenate your new double barreled surname, and you can then use this documentation to change over subsequent accounts. 3.Use both your maiden name and married name if you have a reputation within your industry.You may decide to retain your maiden name at work while changing over your personal documentation into your new name.This is entirely legal and becoming more common. 4.Take a different name.One emerging trend is the surname mashup, where part of each partners name is combined into a new name.Or you may decide to take a new name altogether.Either of these options requires a legal name change from the vital statistics office. 5.Leave your name as it currently is and take no action.You always have the option of changing your name to your husbands and can choose to do this immediately after the wedding, or many years later. After you have decided what name you want to take, then next part is contacting all the organizations where you have an account or membership.Each company sets their own name change procedure and determines what supporting documents they require as evidence of your new name.All canadian organizations will accept your marriage certificate if you swap your husband’s name with your own and most organizations will also accept your marriage certificate for a double barreled surname. The onus of changing your name on all your accounts and memberships falls with the individual.It is best to contact each company directly to ask their name change procedure.Some companies require you to send your request in writing, some government departments will need you to visit an office so your signature can be witnessed or your photo taken.A handful of companies will allow name change over the phone. Another simplerway to change your name is with a name change kit, whichis a relatively new concept in canada.These kits typically provide all the instructions on how to change your name with some also providing personalized letters Mother of the Bride Dresses and custom forms.Ultimately the individual needs to sign and submit each letter, fax or form, however the better kits will create the letter complete with all the instructions so that no further research is required. One of the final considerations after changing your name is drawing up a new will.Marriage automatically revokes a will, so it is important you update your will as soon as possible.This is particularly important if you have children.