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My boyfriend is type b decoding asian Tiffany Pendants Sale pop Case in point:A type-B male like young-Bin is said to be conceited and stubborn whereasA type-A girl like ha-Mi is destined to be timid and obedient for the rest Earrings of her life.Thus, it’s a bad match from the get-Go if one believes in the blood type theory.Even so, can these two vastly different people find love in spite of their seeming blood type incompatibility?Find out in my boyfriend is type b, a wacky lunar new year comedy that just about anybody can enjoy-Regardless of blood type! Lee dong-Gun han ji-Hye shot to fame after starring in the leading roles of the popular korean drama sweet 18 and have ever since been considered to be the perfect couple, which was one of the reasons why they paired up again in my boyfriend is type b.Rumor has it that the two are lovers in real life now too. What i Buy Cheap Tiffany Rings UK think: This movie is one of my top 5 favorite korean movies so it is good.J hehehe, but then again i am biased cause i like both lee dong gun and han ji hye.I have lots of favorite scenes in the movie, one was where lee dong gun was playing the guitar and singing”And i love you so”To han ji hye who was looking at him from her balcony!Aish!I swear i keep on repeating that part!Though lee dong gun doesn’t really know how to play the guitar cause i was watching him closely and he didn’t get the frets right, it doesn’t matter because he sang the song beautifully!Oh and he actually speaks english quite well!And i love you so, people ask me why Then there is the scene where Cheap Tiffany Earrings they go on a date, han ji hye wore the hanbok!Omg she looks absolutely cute!They look so good together!I am so happy they are dating for real! Another funny character is hanJi hye’s cousin!Oh she also plays haJi won’s best friend in”Memories in bali”Imagine her, yeah she’s really funny!She went on a date with this one guy, the guy goes”So do you go by the rule, hands, then kiss then tits? “She said, forget the order!You can do it randomly, and repeatedly!By god!I was laughing so loud in that scene!J Another fave scene was when han ji hye fell on top of lee dong gun, then he tried to kiss her, she said,”Wait is it peck or a french kiss? “They just laughed.Funny in this movie, they don’t share too many kisses, not hugging even.I like the superman thing they did in the elevator too!Jeez aren’t they korea’s cutest real and reel life couple? ! The song that lee dong gun sang for the movie soundtrack.Kahapon ko lang napanood ang my boyfriend is type b.Ok naman yung movie.Cute kasi yung couple.Comedy nga sya.Pero parang mas type ko yung medyo nakakaiyak tulad ng the classic at madeleine.Heheh.