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Love songs for my boyfriend Love songs for my boyfriend Check out some similar pros and cons! What are the some love songs?[ 1 tips] I am working to make a cd for (click here) my boyfriend but i am having trouble finding songs to put on there.It would be nice if the songs aren’t like overplayed and like till kingdom come by coldplay or next 2 you by chris brown(Without bieber assault).Do not put down classic love songs like. Love songs by housewives[ 6 responds] I wondered if you can give me some love song suggestions that are good that are click here to see more info sung by women or men and women that are very nice for couples plzzz give me suggestions of songs thanks Companionship songs[ 2 responds] Pandora 2014 UK What are some really good country love songs?And father little princess weeding type songs? Need newer and more effective Cheap Pandora Charms songs on love[ 2 resolves] Definitely all. I’m looking to see if anybody could help me find any good songs with reference to love/relationships/liking someone(In the other rock scene).Haha, its interesting, but i’m just”Shopping”And wondered if anybody could suggest some songs to me.This is kind of a list of what i like.