Wedding Guest Dresses Australia a backpack stuffed

Entire wedding party falls into lake after dock collapses There are a number of disastrous things couples might expect when planning a wedding the cake collapsing on a guest, the best man showing up an hour late, or perhaps the flower arrangements failing to arrive. But what about your Bridesmaid Dresses Australia entire wedding parting falling into a lake? Frank fearon and patricia andrews of gainesville, ga.Thought their guests might get soaked with rain, but they were in for a bit of a surprise when the soaking happened because of a collapsing dock. The couple had all but one of their 29 member wedding party, 13 bridesmaids and 14 groomsmen, fall into a lake while getting ready to pose for photos at their wedding earlier this month. Also see:Groomless bride poses solo in quirky wedding photos The sheer weight 29 people was too much for Formal Dresses Australia the delicate structure of the dock. “We heard a little when the bolt came out and then it started falling.There were just too many of us standing there,”The bride brother, chase andrews, tells the daily mail. “The immediate reaction was, everyone ok?And then it was, is pretty funny.Perhaps what andrews meant to say was it was funny except for the one women who had to spend the rest of the evening in the emergency ward for a fractured arm. Also see:Stunning wedding attended by 25, 000 guests The groom and bride got the least wet out of everyone with only the bottom of the bride dress getting wet and the groom escaping without a drop. After the incident, most of the wedding party simply laughed it off and hit the dance floor.Thankfully the ceremony had already been completed.Some of the groomsmen didn even bother to dry their suits, while the women put their dresses in the dryer. All the action was caught on camera and put together in a very short youtube video by andrews, who happens to be a video producer for remedy films.The video has gone viral with over 161, 000 views since being posted on may 20. “Only minor injuries and a lot of wet iphone 5s.A fractured humorous, Evening Dresses was the only thing not humorous about this,”Andrews says. Boston homeless man finds bag stuffed with cash, turns it inboston(Reuters)A boston homeless man turned over to police Wedding Guest Dresses Australia a backpack stuffed with nearly $42, 000 worth of cash and travelers checks shortly after he found it at a shopping mall, police said on monday. “The good samaritan could only provide officers with his name and the address of the shelter where he currently lives,”According to a police press release.The man, identified by police as glen james, found the bag saturday evening at the south bay mall in the boston neighborhood of dorchester.